50th Birthday Pug Crawl

20151107_204043Who: Mama and Papa D, Kyle, Chelsie and Cole

Where: La Carta de Oaxaca, Peddler Brewing Company, Reuben’s Brews, Blue Star Cafe & Pub, Bizzarro Italian CafeKing’s Hardware and Skillet (the next morning)

What: What didn’t we eat and drink?

My beautiful, amazing mama turned 50 this past weekend! And she doesn’t even look a day over 35, amiright? To celebrate such a milestone with our favorite person, my family thought only one thing could be fitting: a 50th birthday pug crawl.

That’s no typo. We went on a pub crawl through Ballard with a pug balloon. I’ll admit the idea wasn’t completely original. The last time the Davidsons indulged in a pub crawl in Seattle, we saw a group at one of the breweries with, you guessed it, a pug balloon, with “pug crawl” written in sharpie on the balloon. Naturally my dad and I took note!

For those who don’t know my mom, she’s obsessed with pugs (as am I). She has two adorable dogs, Maxwell, the purebred pug, and Chloe, the half pug half English bulldog. It’s hard to put into words our affection for these loving, adorable punks. I guess all I can say is that to know them, is to love them!

So pug balloon secured, the Davidsons did what we do best for such an occasion: eat and drink. And repeat.

Other than requesting my entire family be together – my dad, my brother, Kyle, who traveled all the way from Spokane, and his girlfriend, Chelsie, and Cole – Mama D had her sights set on some Bizzarro for the grande finale birthday dinner. But first, the Ballard breweries and some other tasty food were calling our name.

I had never taken my family to one of my favorite Seattle Mexican restaurants, La Carta de Oaxaca, so this had to make the list. Mama D (let’s face it, the entire Davidson family) loves good Mexican food so I knew this was going to be a winner. So after strolling down Ballard Ave with Mr. Pugsley, we found ourselves at this small gem in the heart of Ballard.

On this blustery day, it was the perfect setting. Small, cozy, intimate and bursting with zesty Oaxacan aromas. If you’ve never had true, authentic Oaxacan food, I’d highly recommend La Carta. Slightly different than your average Mexican food, it’s vibrant, spicy and slightly sweet. Everything on the menu is fabulous. And they make a mean margarita.

Obviously, chips, salsa, guacamole and drinks came first. Soon to be followed by an array of delicious small plates – chile rellenos, tamales, tostadas, halibut tacos and mole. Not only is the food amazing at La Carta de Oaxaca, but the portions are perfect for a light lunch and fit for sharing. It was the perfect first stop on the pug crawl!

Note: the food in the photo is mostly eaten. We were just that hungry!

Next stop, Peddler! One of my best friends, Paige, even made an appearance and stopped by to say hello. She’s like a second daughter to Mama D so she was a happy girl.

A final stop was made at my favorite brewery in Seattle, Reuben’s Brews, before our grande finale of the evening: Bizzarro. Long story short, it was a perfect day spent with amazing food, good beer and the best people completed the festivities. And our pal Mr. Pugsley was the perfect surprise guest!

You probably could’ve guessed, but such a fun day meant a whole lot of this the next morning…

And this…

Happy HAPPY birthday, Mama D! We love you so much!

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