My Favorite Recipes of 2017

Holy cow, is 2017 really almost over?! I mean, it's been an interesting year, to say the least, what with politics (good riddance), news, the weather and entertainment. But hey, 2017 has also had its shining moments like, um, hello, we got a pug! And we moved into a a house with a backyard in our favorite Seattle neighborhood! 2017, you have been interesting, but you have also been a pretty darn good year. 

It also goes without saying that 2017 has been a pretty delicious year. In reflecting on the last year in the life of Hungry Ali, I have to say I was rather impressed with myself for the tasty variety of recipes I've whipped up these last 12 months. Which is why I felt ever so inclined to do a recipe roundup of my favorite and tastiest recipes of 2017 to send you into 2018 in delicious fashion. 

So with that, enjoy this tasty little roundup and cheers to you and an equally delicious 2018! 

1. Cheesy Italian Meatballs 

I nearly forgot that I made these bad boys to kick-off 2017! Oh my goodness, were these a real treat. Juicy, meaty and flavorful meatballs cooked in a rich tomato sauce topped with melty fresh mozzarella, it really does not get any better. Serving utensils are optional. Garlic bread is mandatory. 

2. Sheet Pan Lemon Harissa Chicken 

This easy, one-pan wonder pretty much summed up my year. Lemony, aromatic and spicy, this sheet pan meal was a favorite loved by many in the Hungry Ali following and made it into the meal prep rotation on the reg. 

3. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

These lemony, creamy and fluffy pancakes are what brunch dreams are made of. 

4. Skillet Caprese Chicken

A simple skillet chicken recipe made instantly better with the welcome addition of cheesy fresh mozzarella and blistered balsamic tomatoes. A feast for the eyes and the tum, it comes together in a matter of minutes and will be your new weeknight dinner salvation. 

5. Brown Rice Jambalaya 

A surprisingly easy yet extremely flavor packed weeknight meal that's easily a new favorite! 

6. Almond Crunch Salad with Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette

This salad is chock full of texture and punchy flavor that makes for one tasty side dish. Try it for yourself and see why it's always in my weekly dinner rotation! 

7. Cole's Chorizo Hash

A regular weekend breakfast staple in the Davidson/Bessee household! Spicy chorizo, peppers and onions meet crispy potatoes in this easy hash made with a foolproof method. Don't forget to #PutAnEggOnIt!

8. Sausage, Kale and Potato Frittata

Made with just a handful of everyday ingredients, this frittata comes together in no time and was my weekday breakfast savior on more than one occasion. Loaded with juicy sage sausage, potatoes and kale, it's scrumptious and hearty all in one bite. 

9. Salty Chocolate Rice Krispies

After making these salty and sweet confections, I quickly learned to never show up to a party without them in hand. Oh, and that doubling the recipe is never a bad idea because they will disappear quickly! 

10. Garlicky White Bean Dip

Because no garlic forward recipe should ever call for less than four cloves of garlic. Packing a serious garlic punch, this velvety white bean dip will satisfy all of your dipping needs. 

11. Greek Chicken Pitas

When the days were longer and seeing the sun was actually a thing, these zesty and bright chicken pitas were a delicious summer comfort. Lots of fresh herbs, garlic and lemon form the simple marinade for grilled chicken that's ideal for warm, fluffy pita, peppery arugula, juicy cherry tomatoes and creamy garlic sauce. 

12. Corn, Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Pizza

If there was another silver lining to 2017 it was burrata. Sweet, sweet burrata. After falling head over heals with it on a trip to LA, I returned to create probably one of my favorite pizza combinations to date featuring creamy burrata, sweet and buttery corn, fresh basil and cherry tomatoes. This is summer, in pizza form. 

13. Lamb Naan Pizzas

Not to play favorites, but this might actually be my favorite recipe of 2017. Spiced ground lamb, creamy goat cheese, smoky roasted red peppers, crunchy red onion and vibrant mint and basil atop charred garlic naan, it's hard to imagine a more perfect bite. 

14. Sausage Stuffed Mini Peppers


The summer of 2017 shall forever be known as the summer of backyard entertaining and these sausage stuffed mini peppers may as well be the poster child. With succulent sausage, garlic, fresh herbs and creamy cheese nestled in sweet pepper boats, they make for one perfect party bite. And because they're mini, eating multiple in one sitting is totally acceptable. 

15. Mexican Street Corn Salad

Just thinking about this dreamy corn salad has me feeling like I did 2017 right. Smoky, charred corn meets creamy cotija, mayo and zesty lime, jalapeno and cilantro that makes for one superb mouthful. Once you make it, you will never go back to just plain ol' corn on the cob ever again. 

16. Creamy Za'atar Beet Dip

This was a dip that pleased beet and non-beet lovers alike! How did I do it?? By adding creamy goat cheese, toasted hazelnuts and aromatic za'atar, of course! Earthy, creamy and full of beautiful texture, it's a dip that'll take your party hosting game to the next level and then some. 

17. Easy Stovetop Mac and Cheese

I used to consider myself the Queen of Mac and Cheese, that is, until I tried out this new recipe for the creamiest, dreamiest and easiest stovetop mac and cheese you ever did taste. 

18. Freezer Spinach Feta Wraps

Yes, I totally borrowed a page from Starbucks' book with these nearly identical to-go breakfast wraps. Not to toot my own horn, but not only do these taste better with tangy feta, zesty sundried tomatoes and hearty spinach, they can also be made and frozen in advance at a fraction of the cost. So, toot toot!

19. Butternut Squash Shells with Goat Cheese Cream Sauce

Oh, where do I begin? An ode to my favorite season of the year, these decadent shells stuffed with a luscious, savory yet sweet butternut squash puree doused in creamy goat cheese cream sauce you could drink with a straw were by far one of my greatest creations of 2017. 

20. Kale Caesar Salad

For an avid Caesar salad lover like me, my homemade Caesar dressing made with real anchovies, lots of fresh lemon juice, garlic and Parmesan cheese tossed with bitter kale and homemade croutons is about as good as it gets. 

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