No Meat Left Behind

Who: Elaine

Where: Frelard Pizza Company and Reuben’s Brews

What: Pitcher of Fremont Summer Ale, Caesar salad, two slices of roasted garlic and butternut squash pizza, mixed salumi board and an American Rye, American Brown, Crikey IPA and Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Let me tell you about Elaine. Elaine and I have been friends for over six years and were neighbors in the UW dorms, then soon after house roommates. To describe our relationship would be recount the many crazy Husky tailgate and hockey party stories, late night drives around Seattle, trips to Olympia, Golden Gardens picnics, happy hour hopping, walks around Green Lake (LTJ!) and countless memories we made at our Sunnyside house. Something else you should know about Elaine: she is my food soul mate. We get hungry at the same time, we crave the same foods, we never differ on what to order when going out and we have the same taste in restaurants. It’s a rare find! So when Elaine and I get together, not only can I count on laughter and shenanigans, but I know some good food and drink will be consumed. 

Elaine and I even frequently text each other food photos and restaurant menus. And yet, every time we get together, we end up being indecisive together and can never figure out what sounds good to eat. For two people who regularly bookmark new restaurants on Yelp and mentally list of the places we want to eat next, we always seem to encounter this problem (I will never understand this!) Finally after a good hour of being in a restaurant limbo, we decided to walk to Frelard to at least get an afternoon of eating and drinking started with a great patio, some tasty slices and a cold beer.

And what a great choice it was! You may remember a recent eating and drinking romp that began similarly. But what I’ve discovered is so great about Frelard Pizza Company is their menu is so simple and yet diverse, each time you go can taste like it’s your first visit. And when does pizza not taste good, amiright?

We knew one thing was for certain when we came to Frelard: we were ordering a charcuterie board. A plate of cured meats is kind of our weakness. We also knew we wanted pizza and salad of some variety and of course some beer. Staring us dead in the face in the pizza display upon arrival was a gorgeous butternut squash and roasted garlic pizza that was just begging to be eaten. Elaine and I simply made eye contact and before I knew it I was adding two of those sexy slices to our order. It wasn’t long before we ordered a small Caesar and a pitcher of Fremont Summer Ale to round out our lunch.

The first sip of cold, crisp summer ale kicked things off right. Soon after, our server bestowed upon us the cheesiest Caesar salad. I know a Caesar salad might seem boring, and let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of mediocre Caesars. But when you have a really GOOD Caesar, there’s nothing like it. The punch of salty, briny anchovy, burst of fresh lemon, crunch of a homemade, buttery crouton and the luxurious shavings of freshly grated Parmesan on this Caesar easily made it my new favorite Caesar in town. 

But I haven’t even made it to the board o’ meat and the butternut squash pizza slices. Sweet, creamy roasted garlic and golden slices of butternut squash made a cheesy pizza taste like the poster child of fall. Slices of salty prosciutto , salami and pepperoni was the cherry on top. We were fat and happy as clams enjoying fabulous lunch and beer on the patio on a warm fall afternoon.

A lovely ladies lunch was made complete with a visit to our favorite brewery in town, Reuben’s brews. With their classic American Rye, American Brown, Crikey IPA and Imperial Oatmeal Stout in hand (you’re not mistaken – we had four beers, two girls), we were free to kick back, soak up the sun and even make some friends, including a handsome brindle french bulldog. I will never tire of eating and drinking in this amazing city!


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